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Frequently Asked Questions About College of the Holy Cross

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Kamela Dino, Assistant Director of Admission at the College of the Holy Cross, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info. 


What’s Covered:



Religion at Holy Cross


If students aren’t Catholic or aren’t religious, how comfortable will they be at Holy Cross? How much is religion a part of the curriculum and everyday activities? 


While Holy Cross is a religiously affiliated school, it is accepting of all religions. Students who aren’t religious are not required to attend mass or take part in any religious activities. Mass is held every day at Holy Cross, but each student can decide on their own if they want to attend. 


There is a requirement to take a course in religion, but students can study religions apart from Christianity, such as Islam or Buddhism, to fill this requirement. Learning about religion can be a very interesting way to learn about the world and how people think, which can help you expand your understanding of the world around you and come together in conversation with your fellow students. 


Academics at Holy Cross


Is community-based learning a requirement or optional? 


Community-based learning (CBL) is optional, but students should definitely consider taking part in this opportunity because it’s a wonderful way to get involved at Holy Cross.


For example, one of the community-based learning programs is called SPOT: Student Programming and Urban Development. About 500 to 600 students participate and volunteer in this program each year. 


If you take a class that has a community-based learning component, you will be required to participate as part of the class. Otherwise, CBL is totally optional. 


I see that all students enter undeclared. Is there an opportunity in the application process for a student to express interest in a specific major? 


Yes, definitely. There is an area in the application where you can list majors you may be interested in. And Holy Cross can help you navigate those interests in the beginning of your time as a student.


There are required courses that all students must take, such as language, math, science, and religious studies, so you can explore potential majors while meeting these requirements. If you’re interested in psychology, for example, you can take a psychology course during your first year and see how you like it. You may want to stick with your first choice, or you may completely change your mind!


Student Life at Holy Cross


How is Holy Cross addressing sustainability and environmental issues, and how can students engage?


There are programs on campus at Holy Cross that are working on ways to reduce the use of plastic. Students are encouraged to use reusable water bottles in an effort to avoid using plastic. There are also specific classes taught in the science department that explore sustainability efforts. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down some of the sustainability efforts at Holy Cross, but those will be gearing up again in the coming year. 


What is transportation like for students without a vehicle? Are cars allowed on campus? 


Cars are allowed on campus for juniors and seniors only. During your freshman and sophomore years, there are several transportation options. For example, the Student Government Association runs a bus into and out of Boston. There are also shuttles that run around Worcester, in addition to traditional options like the commuter rail or Uber.  


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