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Timothy Peck
4 Scholarships

10 Wisconsin Scholarships to Save You Thousands on College

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Wisconsin is full of opportunities for students who want to pursue a college degree. The state university system is considered one of the best in the nation, particularly the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, the flagship state university, known as a Public Ivy.


But paying for your education is not always an easy feat. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best scholarships for Wisconsin students to offset the cost of your college tuition and expenses.


10 Wisconsin Scholarships


1. The Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship


Amount: $2,250/year for up to four years

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: Students with the highest GPA in each Wisconsin private or public school

Application Requirements: None


The Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the student with the highest GPA in every Wisconsin private or public school. Recipients must attend a Wisconsin Technical College, the University of Wisconsin, or another eligible independent institution within Wisconsin. There is no application — the award is automatic.


2. Katherine H. Anderson Scholarship


Amount: N/A

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: Graduating seniors from Wausau East, Wausau West, and Newman Catholic High Schools who are in the lower 90% of their class

Application Requirements: Application


Each school in the designated geographic area will select a recipient from their school to win this scholarship, which is awarded to students in the lower 90% of their class who demonstrate an appreciation for Wausau, Wisconsin, and its way of life, as well as good citizenship qualities through volunteerism and extracurricular activities.


3. The Indian Student Assistant Grant


Amount: $250 to $1,100

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: Wisconsin residents who are at least 25% Native American and are undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a degree or certificate programs at approved institutions; must demonstrate financial need

Application Requirements: FAFSA, Indian Student Assistance Grant Application


These awards, made possible by the Higher Educational Aids Board, are granted to students with financial need who are at least 25% Native American. Recipients must attend an institution in Wisconsin. The scholarships are renewable for up to 10 semesters.


4. Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame Scholarships


Amount: N/A

Deadline: March 15

Eligibility: Wisconsin residents (at least 2 years) who plan to pursue an education in the aviation/aerospace field; must have a minimum 3.0 GPA

Application Requirements: Application, transcript, list of extracurricular activities, 2 instructor references


This scholarship helps Wisconsin residents hoping to pursue education and a career in the aviation or aerospace field, no matter when they decide to go to college. There are several different awards available, each with different requirements and criteria.


5. Wisconsin Women’s Alliance Foundation Scholarship 


Amount: Up to $1,000

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: Women age 25+ who will be attending an accredited technical college or two-or four-year college or university

Application Requirements: N/A


The Wisconsin Women’s Alliance Foundation awards scholarships to female adult learners who are pursuing higher education. Winners are chosen based on career goals, employment history, community service, and financial need. 


6. Leon & Alma Burger Scholarships Fund


Amount: N/A

Deadline: February 15

Eligibility: Students graduating from a high school within a 10-mile radius of Wausau City Hall

Application Requirements: Community Foundation application, transcript, list of extracurricular activities, two reference letters


These awards are granted to students planning to pursue an education at a trade school, technical school, college, or university. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, and an interest and ability in the fields of health, teaching, or commerce.


7. Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Scholarship


Amount: $2,000

Deadline: April 1

Eligibility: Seniors attending a high school within 150 miles of Green Bay with a minimum 3.0 GPA and 19 ACT; must plan to pursue a career with an agriculture focus that will enhance rural communities; must demonstrate financial need

Application Requirements: Application form with extracurricular activities, two personal statements, two letters of recommendation, transcript, ACT/SAT scores, FAFSA


The Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship supports students with a rural or agriculture background who want to pursue a career with an agriculture focus. Students should attend a 4-year college, although applicants may transfer from a 2-year technical school.


8. Badger Mining Corporation Scholarships


Amount: Up to $10,000

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: High school seniors graduating from Green Lake, Princeton, or Markesan High Schools planning to pursue a degree in environmental science or mining engineering

Application Requirements: N/A


Badger Mining Corporation (BMC) awards several scholarships each year to help students continue their education in engineering or environmental science. Eligible candidates should have a strong academic history, be involved in extracurricular activities, and demonstrate leadership qualities.


9. Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship


Amount: $1,000

Deadline: May 27

Eligibility: Wisconsin high school seniors who are attending a Wisconsin institution

Application Requirements: Essay, background information form


In partnership with Rural Mutual Insurance Company and Scott Construction, the Wisconsin Towns Association offers seven scholarships to Wisconsin students. Applicants will write an essay on a topic relating to town government. In 2022, the topic is:


What can Wisconsin’s leaders do to increase young adult interest in serving on a town board?


10. The Wisconsin Bakers Association Scholarship


Amount: $1,000

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: Must have worked as a bakery operator for at least 500 hours

Application Requirements: Resume, 3 letters of reference, personal statement


The Wisconsin Bakers Association offers scholarships to students who have worked as bakery operators in an effort to foster the education of future and current bakers. Recipients must be entering a baking/pastry arts program. The WBA also offers the R.W. Hiller Scholarship, a national award.


Tips for Applying for Scholarships


1. Start with institutional aid.


Your best source of financial aid, including both merit awards and need-based scholarships, is the college or university you attend. Often, schools offer generous packages. External scholarships like those listed above can help you fill in the gaps.


2. Look for niche scholarships.


Awards that appeal to students with specific demographics, talents, or intended majors and careers, tend to be easier to secure than those that attract a larger pool of candidates. So, it’s in your best interest to look for scholarships that attract a smaller group of students.


3. Keep applying.


Start early, and keep applying to as many scholarships as you can. This will help you maximize your chances of earning awards to help you pay for your education. 

Short Bio
A graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in English, Tim Peck currently lives in Concord, New Hampshire, where he balances a freelance writing career with the needs of his two Australian Shepherds to play outside.