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10 Best Colleges in Oklahoma

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Biomes with mesas. Biotech. Bison. These are a few of the things that make Oklahoma unique. Just as Oklahoma is at the corner of where four states converge, the home of the “Okies” is a place where many cultures come together. Cherokee and Choctaw communities, rustic cattle ranches, and progressive Tulsa are all present in one state — and so are top undergraduate degree programs. Here is a list of ten of the state’s best colleges and universities.


Our Ranking Methodology


We placed a focus on school quality, outcomes, and return on investment (ROI) when making this list of the ten best colleges and universities in Oklahoma. We analyzed data ranging from retention rate, selectivity, endowment per student, student-faculty ratio, median earnings, cost of attendance, and more. Take a look at how CollegeVine has ranked thousands of other schools.


Best Colleges in Oklahoma


1. University of Tulsa


Location: Tulsa, OK

Acceptance Rate: 69% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1090-1360/24-31

Undergrad Enrollment: 3,200


The University of Tulsa is a leader in cyber, energy, and job placement. Its wide array of degree programs provide a comprehensive education with a practical focus and cutting edge research opportunities. Outside the classroom, students can participate in organizations ranging from dodgeball club to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists — all in the artsy City of Tulsa.


Learn more about the University of Tulsa and what it takes to get accepted.


2. Oklahoma State University | OSU


Location: Stillwater, OK

Acceptance Rate: 67%

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1060-1280/22-28

Undergrad Enrollment: 20,500


OSU is a nationally ranked research university with a school spirit that is as vibrant as its campus color of bright orange. OSU maintains a commitment to affordability as well as the Cowboy Code, the school’s own list of ethical principles. OSU students can choose between  

87 majors, various Office of Multicultural Affairs inclusivity programs, and the countless activities to do in nearby Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 


Learn more about Oklahoma State University and what it takes to get accepted.


3. Oklahoma City University | OCU


Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Acceptance Rate: 73% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1100-1300/22-29

Undergrad Enrollment: 1,700


Community, creativity, and connectivity are all at the core of OKCU. Its 70 major programs have a creative edge and aspire to inspire service. OKCU enhances undergraduate learning through academic enrichment programs, ample study abroad opportunities, and distinguished scholarships. Campus life at OKCU — located in the heart of Oklahoma City — is vibrant and exciting, but also homely and supportive. 


Learn more about Oklahoma City University and what it takes to get accepted.


4. University of Oklahoma


Location: Norman, OK

Acceptance Rate: 83% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT:  1060-1270/19-24

Undergrad Enrollment: 22,100


This public research university has a beautiful main campus just 20 minutes south of OKC. The University of Oklahoma offers top degree programs, three global campuses, and world-renowned research centers — the National Weather Center is one! OU combines these aspects of a major university experience with a close-knit, private college atmosphere. OU Sooners also have 400 student organizations to choose from and can participate in spectacular athletic events.


Learn more about the University of Oklahoma and what it takes to get accepted.


5. Oklahoma Baptist University | OBU


Location: Shawnee, OK

Acceptance Rate: 58% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 990-1220/20-26

Undergrad Enrollment: 1,800


A guaranteed minimum $9,000 scholarship for all students, a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and a commitment to spiritual development all shape the OBU experience. OBU provides a liberal arts education through a Christian lens, with over 80 available majors, an honors program, and Learning Communities. Its Student Ministry helps nurture faith through discipleship groups on campus and global outreach opportunities beyond.


Learn more about Oklahoma Baptist University and what it takes to get accepted.


6. Oklahoma Christian University


Location: Edmond, OK

Acceptance Rate: 61% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1010-1240/21-27

Undergrad Enrollment: 1,900


OC is a Christian community where education is personal. The undergraduate experience is customizable through research opportunities, internships, and mentoring. OC is particularly unique for its INTEGRIS Health U degree program, which lets students work in nursing while they earn their degree. The university also has a strong school spirit and expresses it through fun traditions — one of them is Spring Sing, a student-run production with themed musical performances. 


Learn more about Oklahoma Christian University and what it takes to get accepted.


7. Southern Nazarene University


Location: Bethany, OK

Acceptance Rate: 40% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1040-1200/21-26

Undergrad Enrollment: 1,500


At SNU, students are educated to serve God and one another. SNU is a private Christian liberal arts university with several noteworthy academic programs, including the SNU Lab School for Education Majors, the McNair Scholars Program for students aspiring to pursue doctoral studies, and the Quetzal Educational Research Facility in Costa Rica. Worship nights put on by the SNU Chapel help students thrive in their spiritual lives.


Learn more about Southern Nazarene University and what it takes to get accepted.


8. Oral Roberts University


Location: Tulsa, OK

Acceptance Rate: 78% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 988-1240/18-25

Undergrad Enrollment: 3,500


ORU provides a Holy Spirit-empowered education that develops whole leaders for the whole world. ORU students can choose from over 150 majors, they can pray in between classes at the 200 foot-tall Prayer Tower, they can participate in university-sponsored mission trips around the world, and they can have a blast exploring the neverending list of things to do in “T-town.”


Learn more about Oral Roberts University and what it takes to get accepted.


9. University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma


Location: Chickasha, OK

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 815-1010/19-24

Undergrad Enrollment: 800


A college for the curious mind. A school that advances the common good. These are a few of the ways to describe USAO. USAO is a center of learning which offers both a breadth of undergraduate degree programs and degrees in less common fields of study, such as speech-language pathology, deaf education, and pre-dentistry. From the Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition to music festivals, artistic and cultural events color student life.


Learn more about the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and what it takes to get accepted.


10. Northwestern Oklahoma State University


Location: Alva, OK

Acceptance Rate: 70% 

Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 920-1120/17-22

Undergrad Enrollment: 1,700


High quality, affordable academic programs in more than 40 areas of study are on offer at NWOSU. NWOSU is located in the small college town of Alva, a vibrant community that is supportive of the university. NWOSU is committed to accommodating a wide range of needs to help anyone become a “Ranger,” with particularly strong assistance programs for adult learners and community college graduates. Outside of the classroom, students can participate in activities ranging from rodeo club to saunas at the J.R. Holder Wellness Center.


Learn more about Northwestern Oklahoma State University and what it takes to get accepted.


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