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ACT Statistics: Participation and Rankings by State (an Infographic)

ACT and SAT are two abbreviations that most college hopefuls are all-too-familiar with, and the prospect of having to deal with both of them is overwhelming. But a healthy number of students only ever take one or the other, and it’s completely possible to get into the college of your dreams without both (but if you’d like to shoot for both, kudos to you!). 

If the ACT feels like it’s more your thing, you’re not alone! Of all the regions in the United States, thirteen states have a 100% ACT participation rate, while a majority of high school students take it in many of the other states. It’s the preferred test of most Midwest states, but the highest-scoring states tend to be near the coasts. The states’ rankings also vary when the ACT is broken down section by section. 

Sounds like a lot? Well, we’ve got it in picture form for you below.



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Jeanette is a junior at Cornell University double majoring in Information Science and China and Asia-Pacific Studies. As someone who’s received a lot of help from mentors during her personal admissions process, she’s looking to give back now that her own admissions season is behind her. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found singing show tunes (terribly), playing MOBAs (passably), or quoting Jane Austen (expertly).