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10 Summer Programs in Utah for High Schoolers

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Summer is around the corner and it’s never too soon to start thinking about summer plans. In particular, summer programs can be a great way of adding a little bit of structure to the summer, giving you the opportunity to dive in your interests or even explore new ones. Topics range from STEM to theater, so no matter what your passions are, there’s a summer program out there to match it.


How Do Summer Programs Benefit High School Students?


For high schoolers who already know what their major is going to be, summer programs offer a great opportunity to explore this topic in more depth. The programs tend to consist of small, intimate classes that allow students to get more face time with their instructor. Students will get insight into what it means to study a topic in a college setting; whether it confirms or confutes their interest, the experience is guaranteed to be a valuable one.


For students who don’t yet know their intended major, summer programs are equally helpful. It is an opportunity to ask questions, explore interests, and learn more about what attending college is like. You may leave the program with a better idea of what your major will be, or equally important, what it won’t be.


In a few unique cases, attending a summer program may even mean the chance to acquire transferable college credits. This can help you graduate early, satisfy undergraduate requirements, or possibly even count toward future fulfillment of a major.


Finally, summer programs offer the chance to forge lasting connections with students who share their passions. Some of these programs will draw kids from all over the country, cultivating a space in which students of different backgrounds can learn from one another.


Ready to find the right summer program for you? Read on to learn about ten summer programs offered in Utah.


10 Summer Programs in Utah


1. Utah Percussion Camp


Interested in music? This camp is hosted by Utah State University and provides a week-long percussive experience to students offering classes, clinics, master-classes and ensemble participation in all areas of percussion. If you think you might be interested in this summer program, be sure to get your application in by the July 30th deadline.


Specialty: Percussion

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: June 22-23, 2022 

Cost: $170

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: University of Utah


2. 2D Video Gaming Camp


The 2D Video Gaming Camp is a STEM-oriented program organized and run by Weber State University. Students admitted will have the chance to explore two-dimensional video gaming in a university setting. The program lasts one week.


Specialty: STEM

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: June 6-10

Cost: $15

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Webster State University


3. Girls’ Welding Camp


Also hosted by Weber State University, the Girls’ Welding Camp is an exciting opportunity for girls interested in STEM to learn the useful trade of welding. If you think this program might be for you, sign up on their site to enroll in this three-day program and get ready to explore the art of welding. Meals & materials included with a 2 night stay in the WSU dorms.


Specialty: STEM

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: June 18-20

Cost: $175

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Webster State University



4. The Art & Science of Technology Camp


Yet another program hosted by Weber, this STEM program allows students to spend four days exploring the world of tech. Students will get to experience life in a dorm while learning more about this fascinating industry. Registration includes materials, meals and dorm room for 3 nights.


Specialty: STEM

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: June 18-21

Cost: $195 

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Webster State University



5. CodeChangers Summer Camp


Whether you already have experience coding or are just starting out, this Weber State University summer program will provide the space for you to take your skills to the next level. Though only four days long, the CodeChangers Summer Camp offers one-on-one time with experienced instructors and emphasizes building students’ comfort with programming, no matter their skill level.


Specialty: Computer Science

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: July 30- August 2nd

Cost: $295

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Webster State University



6. Early Executive Leadership Academy


Management and leadership skills are incredibly important to have, both in college and beyond. Whether you’re exploring a potential business major or just excited to expand your skill set, consider this five-day program hosted by Weber State to get a taste of what business and leadership are all about.


Specialty: Management/Leadership

Who is it for? Ages 15-18 (can be a graduating high school senior)

Dates: August 1-4, 2022

Cost: Free

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Webster State University

Application Essay: Describe how you would make the most of this opportunity in 250 words or less.


7. Leadership Development Camp


The Leadership Development Camp sponsored by the American Red Cross of Utah teaches leadership through helping you know who you are and what you stand for, realizing how important diversity is and helping you get involved and putting your skills to practice! The 3 night camp focuses on building confidence.


Specialty: Leadership

Who is it for? 9th, 10th, 11th graders

Dates: June 20-24th 2022

Cost: $250

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Camp Pinecliff


8. WSU Medical Academy


Wondering if a career in healthcare is right for you? The WSU Medical Academy offers the chance for students to explore the idea of what it means to be a healthcare professional over the course of a four-day program at Weber State University.


Specialty: Medicine

Who is it for? 10th and 11th graders

Dates: N/A

Cost: $300

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Webster State University


9. BYU Young Entrepreneurs


Are you innovative? Do you want to start a business one day? Brigham Young University’s 5 day Young Entrepreneurs program will provide you with the foundation of actually starting a business, learning marketing principles, writing marketing plans, pitching an idea, and identifying potential customers.


Specialty: Business

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: June 20–25, 2022

Cost: $489

Application Deadline: N/A

Location: Brigham Young University


10. BYU Musicians SummerFest


Brigham Young University six-day Musicians SummerFest is for young instrumentalists and vocalists ages 14–18 who want to improve their musical skills and talents. SummerFestival offers instruction in more than 20 instruments, including voice.


Specialty: Music

Who is it for? 9th-12th graders

Dates: June 12–18, 2022

Cost: $509

Application Deadline: June 1, 2022

Location: Brigham Young University


How do Summer Programs Impact Your College Chances?


While summer programs can give you the opportunity to explore things you’re curious about, they also are a great way to stand out in your college applications. In fact, extracurricular activities can account for as much as 25% of an admissions decision. However, it’s important to note that certain summer programs stand out to admissions officers more than others. At CollegeVine, we break down extracurricular activities into four tiers, with one being the most exceptional and four being the most common. Tier one summer programs would be the ones that are competitive and therefore stand out, however, a majority of summer programs are tiers 3 and 4. To gain a better understanding of the 4 tiers of extracurricular activities check out our article, Breaking Down the 4 Tiers of Extracurricular Activities.



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