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15 Summer Programs in Mississippi for High Schoolers in 2024

What’s Covered:


As you may know, top colleges look for students who engage in meaningful extracurricular activities that help them learn, grow, and explore their passions. Summer programs are excellent opportunities to do just that. And if you live in Mississippi, there are plenty of programs available right in your state!


15 Summer Programs in Mississippi for High Schoolers


1. ASAP (Accelerating Students into the Accounting Profession) 


Dates: July 14 – 17

Location: Mississippi State University

Application Deadline: May 1 

Cost: $150 


ASAP is a three-day camp for rising high school seniors, designed to develop their interest in accounting and expose them to career opportunities in the field. Students will attend instructional seminars, develop team-building skills, and gain a new perspective on accounting, all while getting a sneak peek of the college experience while living on campus at Mississippi State University


2. Humanities Camp 


Dates: June 9 – 14

Location: Mississippi State University 

Application Deadline: February 9 

Cost: $250 


The humanities are a crucial part of our work and world. This camp provides rising juniors and seniors with unique ways to explore various disciplines in the humanities and learn how they are relevant to our present and future, as well as discover different careers in humanities fields, all under the guidance of experts currently working in the humanities. 


The program culminates in a presentation of your work to family and staff at a judges’ panel. You must be nominated by your school to apply, and just 15 scholars are asked to participate.  


3. Architecture Summer Camp: Design Discovery


Dates: June 2 – 8

Location: Mississippi State University 

Application Deadline: May 15

Cost: $700 


Open to high school students who are at least 16, as well as incoming college freshmen, Design Discovery is a week-long program that prepares students for an education and career in the field of architecture. Participants will learn from Mississippi State School of Architecture faculty and students, who will share their knowledge, expertise, and experience.


4. Rural Medical & Science Scholars


Dates: June 9 – 21

Location: Mississippi State University

Application Deadline: April 15

Cost: $2,600


This program is for current high school juniors with an interest in pursuing health-related careers. Students take one health science course over the program’s two weeks—which will include participating in workshops and lectures—and earn three college credits. Participants also get the chance to shadow medical professionals, to get a firsthand look at what their future career could look like.


5. Senior Engineers


Dates: June 17 – 19

Location: Mississippi State University

Application Deadline: Rolling

Cost: Free


This three-day summer program introduces students in grades 9 through 12 to career paths in engineering. Students participate in engineering-focused activities, build programming skills, and connect with professional engineers.


6. Overnight Vet Camp



  • Session 1: May 22 – 26
  • Session 2: June 5 – 9

Location: Mississippi State University

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: $750


Students ages 15 to 17 can learn what life is like as a veterinarian (and as an undergraduate) during this unique summer experience. Students live and learn on Mississippi State’s campus while exploring animal-focused careers in fields ranging from public health to pathology to rehabilitation. 


Students also work in labs with veterinary medicine professors and current veterinary students, who can give them a firsthand idea of what their future career could look like.


7. EdStart


Dates: May 28 – June 25

Location: University of Mississippi

Application Deadline: April 1 

Cost: $2,190 – $2,210


High school students can get a head start on a career as an educator thanks to EdStart. During the program, participants will take an introductory education course, where they will learn about the American education system and historical figures in Mississippi who influenced its evolution. They will also take part in experiential learning, group building, and recreational activities. 


8. Engineering Summer Academy at UM


Dates: June 24 – 28 

Location: University of Mississippi

Application Deadline: May 1

Cost: $400 (commuter); $710 (residential)


Interested in majoring in engineering? The Engineering Summer Academy will give you an in-depth look at the field. You’ll participate in hands-on activities, team-based problem-solving, lab tours, and observe demonstrations and lectures. The program is intended for rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are seriously considering a career in engineering. 


9. FIRST® Tech Robotics Workshop


Dates: July 8 – 12

Location: University of Mississippi

Application Deadline: June 1

Cost: $400 (commuter); $720 (residential)


Start thinking like an engineer during this program! Participants will work in teams to build robots from a reusable kit of parts, develop strategies, document their progress, and compete. This is an excellent opportunity for students entering grades 10 through 12 who are interested in building and improving their robotics skills, whether for future competitions or their eventual college studies.


10. Ethical U


Dates: June 10 – 14

Location: University of Mississippi

Application Deadline: May 1

Cost: $400 (commuter); $710 (residential)


Sharpen your thinking and leadership skills during this summer program for students in grades 10 through 12. Students will tackle critical issues, learn to make strong arguments, and connect with their peers and mentors. Students will also compete in a case writing competition about moral dilemmas.


11. Rebel Research Scholars



  • Session 1: May 27 – June 25
  • Session 2: June 26 – July 26

Location: University of Mississippi

Application Deadline: April 1

Cost: Varies (typically, students only pay for the cost of their application)


The Summer Research Experience—“Rebel Research Scholars”—gives students hands-on research experience in real labs. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in STEM, this is an excellent opportunity to explore your interests under the guidance of experienced University of Mississippi faculty members. 


In addition to familiarizing yourself with cutting-edge technologies, you’ll also get to experience college life for a month while living, learning, dining, and socializing on the Ole Miss campus.


12. UM Summer Language Institute


Dates: June 26 – July 26 

Location: University of Mississippi

Application Deadline: April 1

Cost: $3,020 – 3,040 (scholarships available) 


Want to learn a new language? While living on the UM campus, you will have the opportunity to study Arabic or Chinese, while learning about the cultures associated with these languages and their real-world applications. You’ll also be able to earn six hours of college credit—and, of course, get a taste of college life!


13. The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Summer Enrichment Camps  



  • All Girls Camp: June 2 – 7
  • All Boys Camp: June 9 – 14

Location: The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

Application Deadline: March 31

Cost: $800


The High School Summer Enrichment Camp is open to rising 9th- and 10th-grade students who want to explore fun, exciting, STEM-related topics like robotics, forensic science, stop-motion storytelling, coding, and much more. Students will also hone important skills like problem-solving and abstract thinking.


Summer Enrichment Camps are conducted during two sessions, one for girls and one for boys.


14. Summer Programs for Academically and Artistically Talented Youth (SPAATY)


Dates: June 17 – 29

Location: University of Southern Mississippi

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: $2,600 (limited, need-based scholarships are available)


This two-week residential summer program challenges talented high school students with accelerated coursework in fields such as drawing and cybersecurity, allowing participants to gain firsthand insight into what life is like as an undergraduate at Southern Miss. Students will also have the chance to visit on-campus labs, watch musical performances, visit art galleries, and meet with the Southern Miss admissions staff.


You can be eligible for this program either academically (with your SAT or ACT score) or artistically (with a portfolio).


15. Insight Summer Enrichment Program


Dates: June 10 – 21

Location: The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Application Deadline: February 1

Cost: Free


Students from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine will want to check out this program that highlights the path to becoming a physician. Participants meet current doctors and medical students, explore a variety of medical topics, gain real-world experience shadowing patient interactions, and hone their own medical skills. Students will also receive interview training and participate in mock interviews.


How do Summer Programs Impact Your College Chances? 


The four tiers of extracurricular activities are a ranking system that admission committees use to evaluate activities outside of the classroom. Tier 1 refers to those that are most exemplary and specialized, while Tier indicates those that are the least impressive and most common. You will probably have a handful of Tier 3-4 activities, along with (hopefully) 1-2 Tier 1-2 activities. 


Most summer programs fall into Tier 3-4, but some particularly selective (and usually free) programs may be in higher tiers. 


How do your summer programs and other extracurricular activities impact your chances of admission? Find out with CollegeVine’s free chancing engine. Not only will we estimate your odds of success at hundreds of colleges and universities, but we’ll also give you tips for how to improve your profile!

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