List of All U.S. Colleges with a Petroleum Engineering Major

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Petroleum Engineering prepares students to pursue careers in the oil and gas industry by intertwining engineering basics with geology and environmental safety. If you’re interested in studying Petroleum Engineering, here’s a complete list of schools that offer this major.


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How to Use This List


This list of colleges is organized by state. To learn more about each college, including acceptance rates, costs, enrollment, and more, click on the name of the school.


List of All U.S. Colleges with a Petroleum Engineering Major




University of Alaska Fairbanks | UAF


Colorado School of Mines | Mines


University of Kansas


University of Louisiana at Lafayette | UL Lafayette


Louisiana State University | LSU


Mississippi State University | MSU


Missouri University of Science & Technology | Missouri S&T


Montana Tech of the University of Montana | Montana Tech


New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology | New Mexico Tech

New Mexico

University of North Dakota | UND

North Dakota

Marietta College


University of Oklahoma


University of Tulsa


Pennsylvania State University | PSU


St. Francis College | SFC


Texas A&M University


University of Houston


Texas Tech University | TTU


University of Texas at Austin | UT Austin


Texas A&M University–Kingsville


West Virginia University | WVU

West Virginia

University of Wyoming


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How to Find Best-Fit Schools


Having a specific major is just one aspect of many when evaluating your fit with a potential college. Some other factors to consider are:


  • Academic rigor, resources, and support
  • School and class size
  • Location
  • Cost and financial aid generosity
  • Your chances of acceptance
  • Flexibility in the curriculum
  • Diversity



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