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The List of All U.S Colleges With a Nuclear Engineering Major

Nuclear engineers fulfill a key function in society, addressing environmental challenges and developing new types of energy. Not only can a degree in nuclear engineering prepare you to take part in this exciting field, but it can also give you the knowledge and training needed to safeguard people’s health and safety along the way. If changing the world by revolutionizing energy is your goal, a degree in nuclear engineering might be the way to go.


So what do colleges look for in prospective nuclear engineering majors? Read on for a complete list of schools with this program, along with tips on being accepted.

Why Should You Major in Nuclear Engineering in College?

Because nuclear engineering is a relatively new field, a relatively small number of schools currently offer a specific major program. However, the fact that this is a young industry also means that there are plenty of exciting opportunities to make a difference while earning a living. By studying subjects like applied mathematics, radiation, fusion, and thermal-hydraulics, students will learn the best ways of harnessing nuclear energy for power and develop techniques for utilizing radiation. The possibilities for society — and your career — are virtually endless.


So what industries employ nuclear engineers? Currently, graduates of nuclear engineering programs find positions in power plants, research laboratories, and offices. They work for consulting services, colleges, and government agencies. And with Salary.com reporting that nuclear engineers have a pay range of $69,871 to $85,580, there’s a good chance that graduates of this field will see a solid return on their academic investment.

How Can You Boost Your Odds of Getting Accepted Into a Nuclear Engineering Program?

Because nuclear engineering programs feature a great deal of math and science, students need to start studying STEM topics while still in high school if they hope to be competitive. Most admissions committees favor students who have completed four years of high school math by graduation. Other courses to consider adding to your curriculum include lab sciences like biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. If your school offers honors and AP classes in the sciences, it’s best to sign up for these as well. The goal is to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you at the high school level.


If you want to impress admissions committees, it’s not enough to boast a high GPA. You also need to pack your resume with extracurriculars in the science and math fields. Some of the best high school activities for aspiring nuclear engineers include math club, physics club, science bowl, coding club, and Science National Honor Society. Additionally, participating in STEM oriented pre-college summer programs can be a great way to showcase your passion for the field.


It’s important not to wait until senior year of high school to start preparing for your college applications. Designed to help freshmen and sophomores get a head start on their academic journeys, CollegeVine’s Early Advising Program pairs students with knowledgeable mentors who attended top 30 institutions. Whether you need help choosing the right classes or selecting extracurriculars to complement your career goals, our mentors will be in your corner.

What Colleges Have a Nuclear Engineering Major?

Only a handful of schools across the country currently offer a nuclear engineering major. Below is a complete list of U.S. colleges and universities with nuclear engineering programs:


Georgia Institute of Technology | Georgia Tech

Missouri University of Science & Technology | Missouri S&T

New Jersey Institute of Technology | NJIT

Norfolk State University | NSU

Pace University

Pennsylvania State University | PSU

Purdue University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | RPI

Texas A&M University

United States Military Academy | Army

University of California, Berkeley | UC Berkeley

University of Michigan

University of New Mexico | UNM

University of Tennessee

University of Texas of the Permian Basin | UT Permian Basin

University of Utah

University of Wisconsin-Madison | Wisconsin


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