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20 Summer Programs in Maryland for High Schoolers in 2024

What’s Covered:


Are you looking to participate in a meaningful experience, meet like-minded people, and learn something new this summer? Then a summer program might be just the ticket. Maryland is home to world-class institutions—including colleges, universities, and government departments—that offer plenty of experiences for high school students. 


20 Summer Programs in Maryland 


1. Science and Engineering Research Internship Program


Dates: Varies depending on location

Location: University and U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers around Maryland

Application Deadline: Rolling 

Cost: Free


For high schoolers passionate about STEM, the Army Educational Outreach Program is a great opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced professional while conducting research on a science or engineering topic within areas such as immunology and mechanical engineering. You will get to work with your mentor in real university or Army Research labs, which will give you access to cutting-edge technologies to help develop solutions to some of the country’s pressing issues. 


Not only is this program free, but participants will get a stipend for their work. 


2. Summer Enrichment Academy



  • Session 1: June 24 – 28
  • Session 2: July 8 – 12
  • Session 3: July 15 – 19 
  • Session 4: July 22 – 26
  • Session 5: July 29 – August 2 

Location: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Application Deadline: April 1 to receive the $50 early bird discount

Cost: $299 – $599, depending on length and time of academy chosen


University of Maryland, Baltimore County offers week-long workshops and programs for high school students who want to explore an area they are passionate about or find a new passion. Available both in person and online, you could pick courses like Entrepreneurship, Bioterrorism, Mock Trial, Financial Literacy, Cybersecurity, and more.


If you are interested, act fast since some courses may have as few as 10 spots available and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


3. Summer Academy of Actuarial and Mathematical Sciences (SAAMS)


Dates: June 17 – July 26

Location: Morgan State University or online 

Application Deadline: March 31

Cost: Free


Morgan State University offers a rigorous six-week program for high schoolers who are interested in mathematics, actuarial science, and computer science. This is a highly selective program—the application requires an essay and two letters of recommendation, as well as your high school transcript. 


Students who are chosen will not only get to take classes in their area(s) of interest, but also go on trips, participate in programs for professional development through the summer, and even receive a stipend for their work!


4. National Summer Transportation Institute 


Dates: July 1 – 26

Location: Morgan State University

Application Deadline: April 30 

Cost: Free


This free program aims to encourage students to pursue careers in transportation. The program is open to both middle school students (grades 7-9) and high schoolers (grades 10-12). In addition to participating in transportation-related activities and field trips, students also receive SAT prep, meet Morgan State University faculty, and get a taste of life on a college campus.


Not only is this program free, but students receive a stipend for their participation.


5. Pre-college Studio Residency Program



  • Session 1: June 30 – July 14
  • Session 2: July 14 – 27 

Location: Maryland Institute College of Art

Application Deadline: April 30

Cost: $3,600 (two week session); $7,200 (four week session)


Hosted by Maryland Institute College of Art, one of the country’s premier art institutes, rising juniors and seniors will learn from expert faculty and working artists as they earn college credit and build a portfolio for their college applications. They will also travel around Baltimore to explore museums and galleries like the Baltimore Museum of Art and Walters Art Museum. 


Students can sign up for a single two-week, 1.5-credit session or a combined four-week, 3-credit session.


6. MICA High School Summer Studios 


Dates: June 17 – 28; July 1 – 12; July 15 – 19; or July 22 – 26 (depending on topic)

Location: Maryland Institute College of Art

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: $428 or $475, depending on class chosen


Maryland Institute College of Art offers a variety of summer studios to high schoolers in grades 9 through 12. Participants learn what colleges are looking for in undergraduate art students and how to develop a stand-out collection of work. Studios are available in fields such as digital illustration, drawing and observation, graphic design, and character design.


7. Summer Seminar



  • Session 1: June 1 – 6 
  • Session 2: June 8 – 13 
  • Session 3: June 15 – 20 

Location: U.S. Naval Academy

Application Deadline: April 15 

Cost: $550


If you are a rising senior seriously considering attending the Naval Academy for college, attending this program is not only a great chance to undergo academic, athletic, and professional training on campus, but also to start working on your college application ahead of time. 


Even if you are a student with superior academic performance, athletic achievements, and physical fitness, you will also need to submit a 1,000-character essay on why you are interested in attending. The Summer Seminar application serves as a preliminary application for the Academy.


8. Natural Resources Career Camp 


Dates: July 21 – 27

Location: Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Allegany College of Maryland

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: N/A 


Want to spend a week exploring the scenic forests of Garrett County while learning from industry professionals about careers in natural resources? This camp, offered jointly by the Department of Natural Resources and Allegany College of Maryland, allows you to do just that. Over the course of the week, you will participate in hands-on experiences while learning about forestry, fishing, ecology, watershed management, and natural resource conservation. 


Campers who are at least 16 and complete an exam can earn two college credits from Allegany College of Maryland.


9. Girls Talk Math Camp


Dates: July 22 – August 2 

Location: University of Maryland

Application Deadline: June 1

Cost: $25


Girls Talk Math is running a two-week summer day camp on the University of Maryland’s main campus that empowers young girls in the field of mathematics. Through mini-lectures, fun activities, guest panels, and interviews with female mathematicians, students will get exposure to a side of math they rarely get to see in high school classrooms. At the end of the program, students will record and publish their own podcast about a female mathematician of their choosing.


10. AI4All


Dates: July 8 – 19

Location: University of Maryland

Application Deadline: March 15 for best consideration 

Cost: $600


For students who want to spend their summer learning about programming and artificial intelligence, the University of Maryland offers AI4All. This two-week, non-residential program allows rising sophomores through seniors to familiarize themselves with AI and its potential to solve global problems through group projects, presentations from guest speakers, and industry field trips. 


Accepted students are required to complete 25 hours of asynchronous content before the beginning of the program. Need-based scholarships are available for this program.


11. Create Tech 


Dates: July 22 – August 2 

Location: University of Maryland

Application Deadline: March 15 for best consideration

Cost: $500 


This two-week, non-residential program teaches students the basics of Python and how to apply the language to wearable technology. Participants will also learn about the computing majors available at the University of Maryland, take part in hands-on activities, visit labs, listen to guest speakers, and meet current computer science majors at the university.


12. Shirley Povich Sports Journalism Summer Camp


Dates: July 8 – 12

Location: University of Maryland

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: $500 


This super popular week-long day camp at the University of Maryland immerses students in the world of sports journalism. Participants learn the fundamentals of basic journalism, and build sports-journalism-specific skills like how to write a game story and cover a press conference. They’ll also tackle topics like interviewing, broadcasting techniques, and finding a job or internship.


There is space for just 50 students, so sign up early if you’re interested in this program!


13. WIE RISE! Virtual Summer Research Program 


Dates: July 29 – August 2

Location: Virtual

Application Deadline: Rolling 

Cost: Free


This free online summer program, hosted by the University of Maryland, aims to introduce high school girls to the fields of engineering and research. Participants explore a different field of engineering every day while learning how to write scientific papers and conduct experiments. They will also get to familiarize themselves with the engineering opportunities at the University of Maryland, and meet current undergraduate engineering students.


While the program is designed for female students, it is open to students of all gender identities.


14. Terp Young Scholars 


Dates: July 8 – 26

Location: University of Maryland and online 

Application Deadline: May 1

Cost: $1,500 (online); $2,500 (commuter)


High schoolers who want to experience life as a University of Maryland student will love the Terp Young Scholars program. This academically rigorous pre-college program allows you to pick a three-credit UMD course—offerings are in areas ranging from architecture to business to engineering—that you can explore at the college level.


You can also complete the program remotely, if that option is more convenient for you. Note that the on-campus version of this program does not provide housing, so students must commute to class each day. Limited scholarships are available, to cover up to 30% of the program’s cost.


15. Summer at Hopkins



  • Session 1: June 23 – July 4
  • Session 2: July 7 – 18 
  • Session 3: July 21 – August 1 

Location: Johns Hopkins University

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: $6,065 (living on campus); $4,660 (commuting to campus)


Academically inclined students who want to study for two weeks at one of the best universities in the country should consider Johns Hopkins’ pre-college program. This fast-paced program allows you to take real Hopkins courses with world-class professors. Students can choose to study anything from Introduction to Surgery to Storytelling for Film and Fiction. 


In addition to taking a college course for credit, students can also choose to live in JHU dorms and experience college life firsthand. There is a commuter option available as well, for students with other commitments.


16. Cherry Tree Young Writers’ Conference


Dates: July 16 – 19

Location: Washington College 

Application Deadline: June 25 

Cost: $795


High school wordsmiths in grades 10, 11, and 12 can build their skills and identities as writers in this summer program at Washington College—home of the Sophie Kerr Prize, the world’s largest undergraduate writing award.


Program participants will take intensive creative writing workshops, discuss literature with professional faculty and their peers, and explore the world of writing, editing, and publishing. They’ll also learn what it’s like to work on a college publication, like Cherry Tree, Washington Colelge’s literary journal. Limited scholarships are available for this program.


17. Young Historians’ Conference


Dates: July 16 – 19

Location: Washington College 

Application Deadline: June 15 

Cost: $200


This exciting, residential summer program offers high schoolers the chance to learn how history is made, by exploring the subject beyond the books—activities include conducting oral history interviews, exploring historic buildings, visiting historic neighborhoods, and touring the Smithsonian and Library of Congress.


Participants will live on the campus of the first U.S. college established after the Revolutionary War, meet Washington College faculty, and engage with undergraduates currently pursuing degrees in history. Limited scholarships are available.


18. Young Engineers Electric Vehicle Challenge Conference 


Dates: July 16 – 19

Location: Washington College 

Application Deadline: June 15 

Cost: $1,250 for participants who register by May 15; $1,450 for registration after this date


Did you know that a small outboard engine boat can emit as much pollution as roughly 40 gas-powered cars? Whether you did or not, if you want to be part of fixing these kinds of environmental issues and have a passion for engineering, you’ll want to check out this summer program.


Participants are challenged to roll up their sleeves and utilize their knowledge of high-power propulsion motors, lithium battery design, naval architecture, and integration designs to build a full-size electric race boat. This is a great chance to hone your STEM skills and make a real-world environmental impact!


19. Goucher College Young Writers’ Camp 


Dates: July 24 – 28

Location: Goucher College 

Application Deadline: May 1 for early registration discount

Cost: $600 (early registration); $650 (registration after May 1)


Participants explore a variety of creative writing genres, receive feedback from instructors and peers, and publish an writing anthology. They also participate in workshops focused on preparing to write their college essays.


This summer program is also residential, so students have the chance to learn firsthand about college life and meet current students and faculty at Goucher.


20. Pharmacy Summer Camp


Dates: June 24 – 28 

Location: Notre Dame of Maryland University

Application Deadline: N/A

Cost: $450


This summer program lets high schoolers of all ages explore career paths in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. They’ll make medications in the university’s lab, learn about research and patient care, and receive tips for applying to pharmacy school. On-campus housing is available to students who also want to get a taste of college life during their pharmacological studies.


How Do Summer Programs Impact Your College Chances? 


Some summer programs are more competitive than others, requiring letters of recommendation and standardized test scores, while other programs are open to all students within a particular grade level. Consequently, some summer programs are given more weight in college admissions than others.   


The four tiers of extracurricular activities are a good way to understand how colleges value activities outside of the classroom, like summer programs. The most impressive, prestigious, rare, and influential activities are placed in the top two tiers. Good examples of top-tier Maryland summer programs are the super-selective Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program or Summer at Hopkins. 


Lower-tier extracurricular activities don’t hold the same sway with admissions offices, however, they are often still valuable. Less-selective and -esteemed programs still show off your interests to potential colleges while highlighting your desire to pursue your passions. Many field-specific activities also help build the skills you need to ace everything from the essays to interviews you’ll encounter in the college application process.  


Curious how the summer program you participated in affects your odds of college admission? CollegeVine can help! Our free chancing calculator uses a variety of factors including grades, test scores, and extracurriculars to estimate your odds of getting into hundreds of colleges and universities while also providing insight into how to improve your profile.

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A graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in English, Tim Peck currently lives in Concord, New Hampshire, where he balances a freelance writing career with the needs of his two Australian Shepherds to play outside.