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How Do You Self-Register for AP Exams?

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AP Exams enable students to demonstrate their knowledge of college-level coursework and even receive college credit for classes they’ve taken in high school. Students can undergo AP testing in a range of subjects, including English literature and composition, U.S. history, chemistry, physics, and even less common options like psychology, Chinese language and culture, and art.


If you attend public or private high school, then the odds are good that an AP coordinator at your school will register you for any advanced placement exams you choose to take. However, for homeschooled students and those who opt to pursue their educations online, the registration process may not be so simple. If your high school doesn’t offer AP Exams, you will need to register independently. Read on for our tips on registering for your AP Exams, along with some helpful reminders for the day of the test.


Planning for Your AP Exams


Before registering for your AP Exams, you should plan out what tests you want to take. While there are no restrictions on the number of exams students can sit for, some tests can’t be undertaken in a single 12-month period. For example, the College Board doesn’t permit students to take both the Calculus AB and the Calculus BC exams in the same year. Additionally, students who wish to submit more than one Studio Art portfolio exam are not allowed to use duplicate works in their various submissions.


Moreover, it’s important to be aware of the fees associated with testing. The cost of an exam is $94 for individuals located in the United States. Students living in U.S. territories, Canada, and other countries will be charged $124 per exam. In some cases, students with financial need may quality for a $32 College Board fee reduction. Many states also offer funds to cut costs, including board fee reductions, subsidies, and other support.

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Registering Independently for AP Exams


Once you’ve determined which AP Exams you want to take, you should contact the College Board to start the registration process. Begin by visiting the College Board’s AP Services page in January of the year you want to undergo testing. You can also call AP services at 888-225-5437 or email them at [email protected] to connect with an AP Coordinator. This individual will contact you with information on nearby testing center locations and dates. Additionally, he or she will order your exam materials for testing day.


When talking to your AP Coordinator, be sure to let her know that you’re looking to register for the exam(s) independently. Homeschooled students should confirm that they will be using the state homeschool code provided by the coordinator on exam day. You should also inform the Coordinator of any testing accommodations that have been granted to you. Be sure to bring your Student Accommodation Letter to the testing center on the day of the exam to confirm you are eligible for accommodations.


After your AP Coordinator finds you a testing center, take time to confirm that you can sit for each of your desired exams at that location. In some cases, you might need to visit more than one center to undergo all of your testing.


Reminders for Exam Day


On the day of your AP Exam, be sure to arrive on time and bring a valid, government-issued photo ID. Double-check that you’re using the correct school code before entering it to ensure your exam scores are reported properly. As an online or homeschooled student, you will be using a six-digit home-school or self-study code provided on the day of the test. It’s also a good idea to get plenty of sleep and have a healthy breakfast prior to taking your AP Exams.


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