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12 Summer Programs You Can Still Apply To

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As second semester heats up, you’re probably focusing on studying for APs, prepping for standardized tests, and keeping up your grades. If there’s any time left over, you’re juggling extracurriculars and family commitments. It’s no wonder that you might have forgotten that summer is just around the corner.


If you’re just realizing that it’s time to start thinking about summer programs and plans, you may be disappointed to realize that some deadlines have already come and gone. There’s no reason to despair, though. Plenty of high-quality, well-regarded summer programs are still accepting applications. Here, we’ll introduce 12 awesome summer opportunities with application deadlines in mid-February or later. Don’t miss the chance to polish your skills and experience all that these amazing summer programs have to offer.



Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science (SAMS) at Carnegie Melllon

This summer program combines seminars and collaborative hands-on projects to develop the skills essential to pursuing majors in the STEM field. Students are selected based on their strong academic records, and students who are underrepresented minorities, from families of low socioeconomic status, potentially first in family to attend college, or enrolled at rural or inner-city schools with historically low rates of admittance to top-tier colleges are invited to apply.


There is so charge for tuition, room, or board, but students are responsible for books, supplies, and transportation.


Apply by March 1, 2018 to be considered.


Cronkite Institute for High School Journalism: Summer Journalism Institute

Hosted by Arizona State University in Phoenix, this program hosts student journalists from across the country for two weeks of reporting, social media, web production, shooting and editing video and photos, and producing and directing a student newscast.


Many tuition, room, board, and material costs are covered by donors. Students are expected to provide their own transportation and the cost of incidentals.


Applications are due by March 16, 2018.



Foundation for Teaching Economics – Economics for Leaders (EFL)

This selective summer program teaches future leaders how to integrate economics into decision-making in a hands-on, experiential environment. The goal of the program is to build effective leadership skills and the skills to employ economic analysis.


Sophomores and juniors are invited to apply and applications are evaluated based on leadership potential, maturity, and the applicant’s visions for their future. College credit is available through a partnership with the University of Colorado. The program cost is $1700, though scholarships are available, and the standard application deadline is March 15, 2018.  


Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Camp

These free, seven-week long computer science summer programs are hosted by top tech companies across the country, including Amazon and Twitter. The goal of the program is to teach coding to sophomore and junior high school girls while offering exposure to tech jobs across disciplines. Computer science projects may include art, storytelling, robotics, video games, websites, apps, and more.


Applications are accepted through March 16, 2018.


The Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics

This six-week intensive college-level math experience is described as demanding and expanding. Participants spend most of each day exploring math in engaging and hands-on ways. Students spend their mornings and evenings in classes and and problem sessions, with afternoons free to rest, read, and explore.


Program cost is around $5000, but financial aid is available and the program states that money issues will not prevent an accepted student from attending.


Applications are rolling but students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

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Young Women’s Institute at Indiana University

Hosted by the Kelley School of Business, this program is intended to introduce high school girls to the college experience and business career opportunities. Students in this program spend one week participating in workshops, interacting with business students and alums, preparing a real-world business case study, and networking with women in business.


High school juniors with a GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale are invited to apply. Program cost is free but participants must cover transportation and personal expenses.


For more information about how to apply, contact [email protected].



LaunchX partners with schools across the country to offer an engaging and selective four-week summer program designed to encourage entrepreneurship. During the program, students learn from industry experts and work with a group of peer cofounders to build actual start ups, offering real products and solving actual business challenges.


Participants are selected based on their experiences in teamwork and leadership, and the application includes a video element. Program cost is around $6000 but significant financial aid and scholarships are available. The application deadline is February 20, 2018.  


MathILy Bryn Mawr College

During this selective program, mathematically exceptional high schoolers spend five weeks on the Bryn Mawr campus in Pennsylvania. This program is designed to encourage curiosity and exploration around math, with students making and proving their own conjectures.  


The program costs $4600 and need-based financial aid is available. To receive full consideration, your application should be received by April 25, 2018.


Michigan Math and Science Scholars

Each summer the University of Michigan hosts this summer enrichment program for current high school students. It is research-oriented and strives to introduce students to current developments in the sciences while instilling a love of math and science in the next generation of researchers.


Program cost ranges from $1300 for a two-week commuter student to $6500 for a six-week residential student. Need-based financial aid is available. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Ross Mathematics Program

Founded in 1957 during the age of Sputnik, this program hosted by Ohio State University is designed to encourage motivated pre-college students to explore abstract mathematical ideas and developing critical thinking skills. The program spans six weeks, with another satellite program available in China each summer.


Program cost is $4500 and financial aid is available. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis beginning March 1 and closing on April 1.


Princeton University Summer Journalism Program

Princeton’s ten-day summer journalism program welcomes 35-40 high school students from low-income backgrounds each summer, aiming to diversify college and professional newsrooms by inspiring students to pursue a career in journalism. Classes are taught by reporters for the New York Times, CNN, Sports Illustrated, and more.


All program costs, including transportation, are covered by the program. Applications are due March 23, 2018.



Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS)

The nationally-recognized PROMYS summer program is a six-week residential program hosted by Boston University. It is designed to encourage motivated students to explore the creative world of mathematical problem-solving in a collaborative and supportive environment.


Program cost is $4600 and full and partial need-based financial aid are available. Applications are due March 31, 2018.


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