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What is Admissions Hero?

Admissions Hero is a college consulting, application editing, and test prep firm that consists strictly of Ivy League Plus students and graduates. Its unique curricula and college application management process pairs each of its students with a personal Admissions Specialist and an Essay Specialist, maximizing individualized attention and synergy in the overall application package. Admissions Hero annually services hundreds of students across 10 countries, and its results continue to help students achieve their dreams. Over the lifetime of its existence, it has generated acceptances to every top 30 US University, with 98% of its clients gaining acceptance to a top 3 choice school and 74% of its clients gaining acceptance to an Ivy League or equivalent school. Additionally, its clients have cumulatively received over $24 million in scholarships.

Its test prep division has been unmatched within the United States for the past two years, achieving 6x average SAT score increases. Admissions Hero specializes in the most difficult percentile of the exam, with its median score increase from 2150 to 2350. Additionally, Admissions Hero alone is annually responsible for about 1% of the world’s single-sitting 2400s.

Admissions Hero is perhaps most famous for its mentorship program, in which it pairs a personalized mentor with its students throughout high school to assist in building a unique college profile that maximizes admissions success. Each mentor is meticulously selected from top universities and then is extensively trained in the coveted Admissions Hero Admissions Process, a unique program that has turned admissions into a science. The ultimate goal of the mentorship service is to build stronger students, leaders, and achievers.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients thus far, but one student’s story stood out to us in particular.

Meet Chuk

Chukwuemeka Darlington Eze (nicknamed “Chuk” by the Admissions Hero team) is a student from Nigeria. Chuk found Admissions Hero through a random google search at a library in his home country and told us his story.

Chuk grew up in an extremely poor family in Nigeria and worked daily in a local laundromat to afford his education at an extramural school. Having always desired an education, Chuk worked extremely hard, quickly excelling in JAMB examinations (similar to AP exams here in the US). Chuk’s hard work paid off, landing him an admissions offer at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (one of the top schools on the continent). Chuk’s father had finally achieved an income level to partially afford the school, and was ecstatic to send his son to university. Within a few days however, Chuk’s father tragically died of an illness. The tuition for the university was only N97,500 ($650), however Chuk could no longer afford it and could not enroll.

Chuk did not give up. He immediately applied to multiple other schools in Nigeria and Ghana, but each time was met with a tuition bill he simply could not afford. With his dreams of attending a university shattered, Chuk decided instead to start his own preparatory school for disadvantaged students; if he could not attend university, he would make it his goal for others to have a chance.

Fast forward a few months and Chuk had reached out to Admissions Hero inquiring about international schools and education. The founders of Admissions Hero were so inspired by Chuk’s story that they offered comprehensive Admissions Hero services and SAT tutoring completely for free and personally worked with him on his applications to US schools.

We are pleased to announce that Chuk has made his final decision and will be attending UC-Berkeley in the fall because of the financial package they offered him. Not only was Chuk accepted to Berkeley, but he was also offered full tuition for four years, free airfare, room and board, dining, paid study abroad and internship sourcing, and a stipend for other miscellaneous expenses he may incur during his study. In short, Chuk will never have to worry about finances again.

We are sharing Chuk’s story because we believe it deserves to be shared. We are so proud of his accomplishments, and so glad that we had the opportunity to help him achieve his dreams.

Announcing the Admissions Hero 20 for 2020 Scholarship

In the past, we’ve worked with a few pro bono students, helping them gain acceptance to Harvard, UCBerkeley, and several other schools. This year, we want to help more students like these—talented, driven, and ambitious individuals with good hearts who, due to one circumstance or another, might not have access to expert admissions counseling. As such, we are formally announcing the Admissions Hero 20 for 2020 Scholarship, accepting applications now until August 1st, 2015.


Qualified applicants will exhibit the following traits:

  • Demonstrate a strong desire to succeed
  • Possess inspiring tenacity in the face of hardship
  • Apply to attend college in the Fall of 2016


20 selected individuals will be notified of their acceptance shortly after the August 1st deadline.

3 winners will receive FREE comprehensive Admissions Hero service packages, which include unlimited hours of standardized test tutoring, unlimited hours of essay editing, and unlimited hours of extracurricular consulting with a personal Ivy League Plus mentor.

7 winners will receive FREE comprehensive Admissions Hero essay editing and application management services for three (3) of their top school choices.

10 winners will receive FREE comprehensive Admissions Hero assistance for the Common App.

Apply here before the August 1st, 2015 deadline. Be sure to share this information with anyone you think might deserve it!