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  • You Can Do Anything With an English Major: Why Your Major Doesn’t Decide Your Career

    We’ve written in the past about the comparative benefits of a liberal arts education versus a pre-vocational one, but even within liberal arts communities, students hierarchize potential majors on a scale of perceived financial returns. In other words, there is a notion that certain majors will better qualify students for high-paying jobs after college.

    In actuality, this is largely untrue. In light of dispelling insidious myths—like the infamous one that an English degree is unmarketable—we’re cracking the major decision of choosing your major wide open. Read on to learn why you should study what you love, whether it’s marketing or marine biology, entomology or English, finance or fashion.

  • Can Applying Under a Certain Major Affect Your Chances of Admission?

    With admissions rates dropping each year, many students are eagerly searching for any way to boost their chances at admission. One way in which applicants to selective universities hope to give themselves an edge is by applying under supposedly less popular majors. The argument is that with less competition in the field, an applicant’s chances at acceptance increase. But does this common belief actually hold water? Read on to find out!