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  • Can You Be An Engineer Without Taking AP Physics: How the Classes You Take Affect Your Chances at Admission

    It’s no secret that the grades you earn in your classes matter – a lot – for college admissions. It’s also common knowledge that colleges want you to challenge yourself by taking AP or IB courses. But does it matter how you challenge yourself? That is, can the subjects of the courses you take affect your chances at admission? If you have aspirations of being a biologist, but you have a humanities heavy high school course load, are you doomed to fail? In this blog post, we’ll uncover how the classes you choose to take affect your chances at admission.

  • Can Applying Under a Certain Major Affect Your Chances of Admission?

    With admissions rates dropping each year, many students are eagerly searching for any way to boost their chances at admission. One way in which applicants to selective universities hope to give themselves an edge is by applying under supposedly less popular majors. The argument is that with less competition in the field, an applicant’s chances at acceptance increase. But does this common belief actually hold water? Read on to find out!