How can Juniors Prepare for College Admissions?

Junior year is an important year for college admissions—it’s the last year to make big changes that can impact your admissions profile. During this time, you should be focusing on optimizing your academic and extracurricular profile, narrowing down your school list, and creating an application plan. With so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to know what to focus on in all of these different areas.
That’s why we put together this course, made up of five different units, to help you make the most of your junior year

Five units for your Junior year

To get the most benefit out of the course, we recommend
completing all of the units in order.


Unit 1: Get a better understanding of Junior year

Start off with this guide, which explains everything that juniors should focus on in high school. From academics to recommendation letters, you’ll get an in-depth explanation for everything that should be done during your junior year.

Unit 2: Prepare for Standardized Tests

One of the first action items of junior year should be preparing for standardized tests. Some students may have trouble deciding whether or not they should take the SAT or ACT. In this video, we explain the differences between the two and how to determine which test is right for you.

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Unit 3: Improve Your Extracurriculars 

Did you know that extracurricular activities can make up to 25% of your college application? Extracurriculars are important because they help show admissions officers what you’re passionate about outside of academics. Junior year is the last opportunity you have to really improve your extracurriculars and acquire leadership positions. This video will help you further understand the different tiers of extracurriculars and what you should consider when getting involved in activities.

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Unit 4: Build Your College List

Now that you have a better understanding of how to improve your profile, it’s time to start building your college list. It can be difficult to know how to start building your list and what factors to take into consideration. These seven tips will get you started thinking about how to begin your list.

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Unit 5: Request Recommendation Letters

By the end of your junior year, you should be thinking about who you want to write your college recommendation letters. In this last unit, we share nine rules you should consider when requesting your recommendation letters, including what teachers to consider and how to ask.

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