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Essay Breakdown: New York University

  • How to Write New York University’s 2016-2017 Essays

    Every year, thousands of students apply to New York University for a plethora of reasons, ranging from its spectacular location right in the heart of New York City, to its strong and varied academic programs that draw in everyone from actors to engineers, to its vibrant and diverse campus culture. In the last admissions cycle, NYU received a record breaking 63,702 applicants competing for a spot in the Class of 2020. Upon releasing this information, NYU disclosed that their “applications have more than doubled since 2002 and it is believed that NYU receives more applications than any other independent research university in America.” Of those 63,702 applicants, they accepted approximately 35.5%. With statistics like these, it becomes all the more important to craft a winning essay for your NYU application so that you can impress admissions officers and help yourself stand out. In this blog post, we’ll go over different strategies, tips, and tricks for the NYU essay so that you can wow admissions officers and heighten your chances of being accepted to this cosmopolitan school.

  • How to Tackle the NYU Stern Supplement 2014-15

    Located in the heart of New York, NYU Stern is one of the top business schools in the nation. Indeed, the purple school consistently ranks in the top 5 of undergraduate business programs, and each year only about a fifth of all applicants are accepted. More than just a strong background in business, Stern students […]