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Essay Breakdown: Coalition Application

  • How to Write the Coalition Application Essays 2017-2018

    In this article, we will introduce you to a relatively new admissions platform, the Coalition Application. Then, we will offer some suggestions about how to approach its 2017-2018 essay prompts. By the end of this article, you will be ready to start writing, and you’ll be equipped with some admissions essay advice that will be useful no matter which application platform you end up using.

  • What is the Ideal Timeline for the College Application Process?

    Applying to college can be a little intimidating with all the deadlines and time-sensitive logistics to juggle. Starting with junior year, there are tests to register for, summer programs to apply to, and college visits to schedule. Beyond that, there are essays to write, recommendations to gather, and applications to complete. Don’t let all the important dates and deadlines get the best of you.

    Here, we’ve compiled the important dates of the college application process into a timeline so that you can keep track of the various responsibilities you’ll need to take care of on your track to college. While some of these commitments may vary from student to student, we’ve covered the basics. With this timeline, you’ll be able to think less about when you need to finish the first draft of your essay, and more about how to perfect it.

  • How to Write the Coalition Application Essays 2016-2017

    The 2016-2017 application cycle marks the debut of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success application platform, commonly referred to as the Coalition Application. Like the Common Application, the Coalition Application provides a platform with which students can apply to any of its member schools with a single application, saving students the hassle of inputting the same basic information for each school to which they apply.

    What distinguishes the Coalition Application from other similar platforms like the Common Application or the Universal College Application is the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success’ commitment to making college affordable and accessible for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

    All of its 52 member colleges either provide financial aid that meets 100% of student’s demonstrated need (for private colleges) or provide low-cost tuition for in-state students (for public colleges). If you have more questions about the Coalition or their mission of affordability and accessibility, you can check out their FAQ page.

    Like other shared applications, the Coalition Application has a set of essay questions, from which each student must respond to one prompt. Without further ado, we present the 2016-2017 guide to responding to the Coalition Application essay questions.

    Before you begin brainstorming your essay topic, note that the Coalition Application describes the ideal essay length as 300-400 words, and strongly recommends that responses not exceed 500-550 words. Thus, essay topics should be simple enough to fit into the defined word limit, while also complex enough to offer meaningful insight into your personality, skills, and motivations.

    If you find yourself struggling to fit your essay within the word count, we recommend first writing a draft without regard for word count, and then editing down until the only content remaining in your essay is that which is absolutely essential to communicating your story. If you still exceed the recommended limit, consider your sentence structure, tense usage, and word choice — you may be able to cut down your word count significantly by making slight alterations in these areas.